Shadow Foam

Shadow Foaming™ is a bespoke routed foam system for your items and accessories. This versatile foam can be routed to create layers and “cut-outs”. Allowing the individual to have bespoke layers of foam to use as storage solutions at home, at work or on the move.

Red Box take your items and create a bespoke design for each foam layer based on the size and amount of items being stored. The in-house design team can create designs to fit across many layers or we can help the customer to maximise any small space they may have.

Shadow Foaming™ can be used in a range of industries. Red Box Foams, primarily started out as creating organisation solutions for tool kits, however, this philosophy can be adapted to many industries, as well as at home. For example use it to keep your jewellery safe, your cutlery in one place or to store any beloved item that is fragile.

Shadow Foaming™ allows you to adapt your storage to suit you and your environment. Add some personalisation to your organisation!

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