About Red Box Foams

The Red Box Group has been trading for the last 20 years. Red Box International has been trading in the Aviation and Military industries since 1993. Since then we merged with Red Box Engineering, formally trading as Weld and Metal. Red Box Engineering are a well established metal fabrication company with over 50 years experience in sheet metal work and intricate metal fabrication. In 2016 the Red Box Group grew further, Red Box Tools was established, providing pre-designed tool kits, individual tools, Shadow Foaming™ for tools, Toolgraving™ and etching. Since then Red Box Container Conversions and Red Box Foams have been established. Creating bespoke shipping container conversions and bespoke Shadow Foaming™ layers to house any item or accessory.

Red Box Foams was established to provide foam solutions to a wider audience, instead of focusing solely on tools. Shadow Foaming™ provides a solution for customers to house any item in Shadow Foaming™. These foam layers act as an organisation tool at home, work or on the move. The foam helps to keep items in one place, and prevents any damage. Red Box take your items and accessories and create bespoke designs in foam layers. These layers have Push and Pick Points for easy removal. Shadow Foaming™ layers can come in a range of colours, sizes and depths. The Red Box in-house design team will create the foams desired, with space and organisation in mind.

What is Shadow Foaming™?

Red Box Foams provide customers with unique foam layer designs to aid organisation of items and accessories. The foam can be supplied in many sizes and colours, suited to the customer’s needs.

How does the Shadowing Foaming™ process work?

The Red Box Foams in-house design team work with their customers to create a design for foam layers that perfectly suits the their organisation needs. If you already have a design in mind, send it to our team and we can bring it to life.

If you do not know what to do, you can simply send your items to us and the design team will create a design for you. In order to create a design, the measurements for each item must be taken. This is done using an electronic pen, this sends signals to a computer which is programmed to create paths in the router. To do this either send the items to us in the post or the team can come to you.

Once a design is completed we work closely with the customer to ensure that it looks exactly how the design intended. Upon confirmation the routing process will begin.

Once the foams have been cleaned up, they are ready to be shipped. Now you can enjoy your newly organised accessories and gadgets!

Shadow Foaming™ is versatile

This grade of foam is perfect for any manner of items that need to be organised or protected. Whether you are on the go or you just want things tidy at home or at work. Shadow Foaming™ comes in a wide range of colours and densities, meaning that we have the freedom to produce foams bespoke to your needs and requirements.

How do I maintain my Shadow Foaming™?

Shadow Foaming™ is a tool storage system that is designed to last. It will last a long time inside drawers or a case. It is waterproof, and can withstand continuous use.