Shadow Foaming and its many uses!

Red Box are pleased to offer CNC Routing throughout the UK.

Since we have offered this service, we have mainly created shadow foaming for tool kits both pre-designed and bespoke. However, Shadow Foaming is versatile, we can create designs to fit all kinds of items for many occasions.

We recently created foams for a manicure set. This idea came when a member of the team wanted to keep their set tidy and organised, to prevent damage.

This idea is perfect for nail technicians on the go with their business. Or for DIY nail stylists, to simply keep things neat at home. The Red Box team can create foams to fit any need. We will cut the foams bespoke to your carry case, box or basket and the process is simple.

We take your items and scan them, this is done by placing the items on a board and using a digital pen, this creates the outline shape of the items. Plasticine is used to hold each item in place, therefore creating an accurate drawing. This prevents tools from sliding around whilst being drawn around. The drawings are transferred to the PC, then the design is made.

Each foam layer is carefully thought out and designed, this can be based on a layout you already have, or our team can create a design that fits best.

Once you have seen the design and are happy with it, we will then use tools paths to programme the router to cut the foam to the design created by our team.

Once you have received your new foams, enjoy the organisation and tidiness that they create!

To view a video of the kit and foams click here.